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Craftsman Cliff Roasters

Craftsman Cliff Roasters


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Once upon a time in Norwich, Connecticut, the birthplace of CCR, where the rich history of American coffee and chocolate intertwines with local traditions and the enchanting beauty of the Rose of New England.

Discover the origins of coffee and cacao in Norwich, nestled along the Thames River. This vibrant trading cove, where Native Americans and early settlers converged, became the epicenter of a revolution in hot beverages. Dive into the story of Christopher Leffingwell, a visionary entrepreneur who imported and roasted coffee and cacao, becoming a pioneer in the production of American chocolate.

Craftsman Cliff Roasters proudly carries forward this legacy, offering the purest and highest quality coffee, cacao, and handcrafted chocolate. Our commitment to tradition and integrity sets us apart from post-industrial techniques and mass production. 

Become a part of Norwich's narrative. Experience the spell binding magic of our hot chocolate, declared the official beverage of the city. Energize yourself with our extensive range of single-origin and blended fair trade and organic coffees, which together provide a comprehensive experience of the diverse flavors the world of coffee has to offer. 

At Craftsman Cliff Roasters, we celebrate the intersection of history, tradition with exceptional coffee and chocolate.

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