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Southwestern Consulting and Coaching

Southwestern Consulting and Coaching


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Kimberly prides herself on helping clients build a passionate and mindful foundation leading to releasing old beliefs and building new more powerful ones. She compliments this by integrating daily success habits and creating systems that work to fill the gaps that become obstacles when realizing your business goals.

She has worked with clients all over the world strengthening their positive communication while developing strong intentional habits that lead to an elevation in happiness and production.

She focuses on identifying clients’ pain points and crafting holistic solutions that increase their overall lifestyle satisfaction and joy factor.

Kimberly successfully helps clients lead a balanced lifestyle with her lifestyle coaching business. She authored an Amazon/Kindle best-selling book in which she created a program called FLOW (a formula for healthy traveling) that she continues to sell and market today. Recognized as a leading expert by ABC network appearing on “The Ripple Effect” and recognized by Fox News UK for her bestselling book, her passion helps clients reignite their fire to take their life to the next level.

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